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Pro Tips for Courageous Conversations

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You know the feeling — anxiety or dread about a conversation you know you should have. What should I say? How will the other person react? What if…? You wish you didn’t have to have the conversation and that the problem will

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Tools in Action: Taking on Overwork


A few months ago Robert Gass released a new tool on this blog, Boundaries for Work: A Contract with Yourself, all about how to create structures to keep work in its place so that you can be your most powerful

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Supporting the People who Support the Progressive Movement

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Over the past two years, more than 150 organizational consultants serving progressive social change leaders have taken our master class, the Art of Transformational Consulting. The five-day workshop is an intensive, immersive experience, and it is just the beginning of

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What We're Working Towards

A more powerful and effective social change movement

Change the Way Change is Done

Shift culture to increase effectiveness

Build Across Movements

Seed collaboration and strategic breakthroughs

Grow the Field

Train and support agents of change

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