About us

The Social Transformation Project (STP) supports and strategizes with prominent senior leaders, consultants, and intermediaries to increase the power and impact of the progressive movement. STP’s unique network is working across movements to create a more just and sustainable world, and leading by example.

Realizing our ambitions for the future demands creative, resilient, and fearless approaches to social change. The political, economic, and environmental challenges we face require progressive leaders, organizations, and movements to model the change we seek: increase collaboration, care for our people, honor differences, share resources, challenge assumptions, and dare to experiment. Our cross-movement organizing supports leaders at the intersection of issues to foster breakthrough ideas that reinvent how our movements and organizations work.

We work in a systemic way to shift the leadership culture and practice of the progressive movement by providing methodology and direct service that both challenges and supports leaders to innovate, disrupt conventional definitions and divisions, and generate new possibilities and alliances.


Robert Gass and Jodie Tonita founded the Social Transformation Project in 2008. It is a natural outgrowth of the successful progressive leadership trainings offered by groups like Rockwood Leadership Institute, Generative Somatics, and others.

As co-founder of Rockwood and leading architect of its yearlong Leading from the Inside Out Fellowship, Robert knew that something more was needed to build on that foundation. After the training is over, leaders are eager to continue exploring transformative ideas and practices and applying them to their organizations and movements. STP was created to pick up where training leaves off and support hundreds of leaders in their efforts to change how change is done.

Furthermore, Robert and Jodie recognized that there are too few intermediaries and consultants with the necessary skills and competencies to serve our leaders and their organizations, and too few funders that prioritize long-term capacity building, leadership and organizational development, and cross-issue movement-building. STP is training organizational consultants in a systems-based, transformative approach, and building the case for more philanthropic support of transformational change and leadership.

Jodie Tonita and Robert Gass draw upon careers working with many of the progressive movement’s strongest leaders and organizations. STP channels their experience and expertise to design processes and supportive structures for transformative efforts at the collective and individual levels. We do so at the invitation of the leaders, organizations and intermediaries that we serve.