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What We Do

The Social Transformation Project (STP) partners with leaders from progressive organizations, intermediaries, and funders to create radical breakthroughs in our collective power and effectiveness. Our shared goal is to effect long-term structural change for a more just, equitable and sustainable world. Together we are building a home for long-term power building across the progressive movement.

Our most promising social change leaders acknowledge that our strategies and ideas are still insufficient and our approach to change is too often reactive and haphazard. We are not leveraging knowledge and innovation from other sectors nearly enough. The structures and practices of our organizations, campaigns, and coalitions often don’t support the kind of visionary thinking, narrative, experimentation, alignment, and implementation that we need.

Recognizing this, we are delivering methodology, tools and facilitative scaffolding that develop new strategic capacities and ways of working together in service of building collective power. Our programs support cross-movement leaders and their organizations to:

  • Create compelling and substantive long-term vision and strategy.
  • Demonstrate and measure how they build power.
  • Develop rich and deep shared analysis.
  • Connect long-term thinking to short term results.
  • Execute rigorous experiments that forge innovation and rapid learning.
  • Integrate learnings into analysis, strategies and decision making.

Our work grows out of ten years of cross-movement leadership development and collaborative work among key leaders, organizations and intermediaries. Together we are creating a center of gravity capable of influencing the practices of the progressive movement more broadly. You can learn more about our legacy work here and our current programming here.

Who We Are

We support progressive leaders and organizations who are committed to:

  • Focusing on building power in communities of color and critical segments of white workers.
  • Providing leadership in their sector and in other cross-movement spaces.
  • Learning and practicing what it takes to centralize marginalized communities.
  • Shifting the practices of their people and organizations.

We believe that:

  • The most critical and strategic place to build power is local — in and across states.
  • Leadership should come predominantly from women and people of color on the ground in their local communities.
  • Local organizations need to be funded directly and supported to build their capacity and infrastructure.
  • Our movement infrastructure must be transformed in order for what we believe to be possible.

Our organization tests, practices and shares new approaches to leadership, collaboration, strategy, and experimentation. Modeling and facilitating culture change within organizations is key to how we work.

We strive to create a healthy high performance work culture by:

  • Bringing our whole selves to our work.
  • Building trusted relationships.
  • Embodying a culture of deep equity.
  • Setting stretch goals and achieving them.
  • Cultivating radical hope and joy.
  • Setting clear expectations.
  • Having effective accountability mechanisms.
  • Communicating clearly and proactively.
  • Working transparently.