Beth Applegate

Prinicipal, Applegate Consulting Group
Bloomington, IN | | Consulting Since: 1997

Beth owns and leads an organization development (OD) practice with two decades of experience with national and international nonprofits, academic institutions, governmental agencies, and socially responsible for-profits. Her work is inextricably linked to advancing racial equity, racial healing, social justice, and humanistic values.

Beth identifies as an Applied Behavioral Science scholar-practitioner positioned to bring to the fore the tradition of inquiry and dialogue in service of social justice and healthy individuals, groups, and organizations in the world. She roots herself in the constructs of human potential and development, empowerment, equity, democratic processes, and the importance of the use of self as a key indicator of success.

Beth has written numerous articles for academic journals, and is an active contributor to the field of applied behavior science. Beth is currently co-authoring a book on Polarity Thinking for the nonprofit sector and is co-authoring a chapter on Power and Privilege through a Polarity Thinking lens. She is the co-author of Embracing Cultural Competency in the Nonprofit Sector: A capacity builder's guide (edited by Patricia St. Onge and published in 2009).

Beth is active in civic engagement. She was appointed to the Bloomington Human Rights Commission; the National Within Your Lifetime Campaign to End Racism, and serves as Co-Editor of Practicing OD, a quarterly publication of the Organization Development Network.

She is a regular presenter/speaker for various national and international conferences on topics including interrupting white privilege; organizational equity and inclusion; Polarity Thinking; and Implicit Bias. Beth is a member of SEIU BOLD Center, the Institute for Conservation Leadership, Polarity Partners external faculty, NTL Institute, and Organization Development Network.

Additional Affiliations: Alliance for Nonprofit Management, SEIU's BOLD Center, Within Our Lifetime Network to End Racism, NTL Institute, Organization Development Network, Showing Up for Racial Justice, and the Institute for Conservation Leadership.

Selected past clients: Center for Women's Global Leadership at Rutgers University, SEIU, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Services Center, New York City, Trinity Wall Street Episcopal Church

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