Peter Abrams

Organizational Development Consultant and Facilitator, Peter Abrams Consulting Services
Vancouver, Canada | Cohort: | Consulting Since: 2000

Peter is well known for being a talented facilitator, planner, researcher, and writer, and specializes in creating engaging and productive environments for dialogue, training, planning, and collaborative problem-solving. He works mostly with the not-for-profit sector, communities, institutions of learning, and government. Peter's primary focus in on facilitating organizational development processes (strategic and operational planning, board development), training in interpersonal communications, and facilitating multi-stakeholder processes on natural resource management and social service issues.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies in 1988, Peter worked for over 5 years in Mozambique as a field office manager and regional program coordinator. During this time, he successfully managed a variety of concurrent emergency aid and rural reconstruction projects for a non-profit organization with budgets reaching one million dollars. Among his responsibilities, Peter trained multi-cultural staff in communication techniques, team building and project planning. Working in this demanding, multi-cultural and complex environment, he forged strong skills in facilitation, organizational planning and training.

In 2000, Peter completed a Masters degree from Simon Fraser University’s School of Resource and Environmental Management. His studies focused on resource management and sustainability issues both locally and internationally.

For the past 17 years, Peter has run his own consulting business, and in 2008, Peter became an Associate with Dovetail Consulting Group, and a Senior Associate in 2010.

Over the years, Peter has enjoyed working collaboratively with a diversity of clients and participants, including First Nations, non-profit sport, social service and conservation organizations, businesses, watershed stewardship groups, youth, community groups, and government, industry and academia from the local to national level. Peter has also had the opportunity to train and mentor individuals in facilitation and communication techniques.

Peter lives in Vancouver with his wife Sandy, step-son Ryan, and two dogs (Benjie & Bailey), and loves hiking, rock climbing and bicycling. Peter is also a founding member and leader of Vancouver Playback Theatre, an innovative form of improvisational theatre that brings real-life stories of audience members or workshop participants to life to deepen understanding, build trust, and strengthen commitment to positive change.

Selected past clients: Ecojustice, Integrated Partnership for Regional Emergency Management, First Nations Fisheries Council, Industry Canada, Mayo Clinic

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