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Yes to Collaboration, But How?

Like a broken record, progressives have repeated for years that we need to work together and coordinate beyond our traditional divides and “silos.” It is common knowledge. Yet after all these years, effective collaboration, where the whole adds up to more

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Working Together at the Speed of Trust

The recent success of the People’s Climate March is a powerful example of what’s possible when different parts of the progressive movement coordinate. Over 300,000 people from all walks of life marched to demand action on climate change. Many have

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What’s Possible Beyond Collaboration

Exciting new cooperative efforts could reinvigorate movements for economic justice and workers’ rights. What’s happening is the fruit of long-term relationship-building and a commitment to achieve common goals together that goes beyond mere collaboration.

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Trainings: the Art of Transformational Consulting

In October STP hosted our second Art of Transformational Consulting (ATC) Training.

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