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Boundaries for Work: A Contract With Yourself

Raquel usually finds herself not present at the dinner table with her partner and children as her mind is flooded with her unfinished to-do list. Pam’s frequent travel for work is a constant source of tension with her partner. Levon

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Tools in Action: Center for Story-Based Strategy

We are proud of our Tools for Transformation, but never more so than when we see them in action. It’s great to see social change leaders and organizations increase their impact with the help of our tools, and the new

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How to keep your New Year’s resolutions

As you look towards this new year, what do you want to call in for yourself? Are there changes you wish to make in the work you do or the way you do it? How do you feel about your

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Four Problems with Power for Progressive Leaders

Discomfort around power and authority can be a serious challenge for progressive leaders and organizations. I’d like to introduce a practical tool and a framework to help diagnose and solve this common and deep-seated problem.

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Are You Suffering from Leader-itis?

I don’t want to alarm you, but if you’re in a leadership role you are at high risk for a serious ailment—leader-itis.

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