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Al began his work in the labor movement as a student and custodian at Cornell University where he helped link the anti-apartheid and labor causes, and helped organize 1,100 service workers into the UAW._ Davidoff was elected President of the Local and coordinated a militant, decade-long living wage struggle for low-income workers. In 1997 Davidoff was named AFL-CIO NYS Director where he led the re-organizing of 2 million members into more dynamic regional federations centered around the Union Cities program._ He also assisted major unions restructure to better organize and mobilize workers. Davidoff served as the Upstate Organizing Director and Vice President for 1199, the Healthcare Workers Union. Davidoff built a diverse new organizing team that won over 40 campaigns in hospitals and nursing homes over a four year period. In 2009 Davidoff left his long-time Upstate New York home to coordinate leadership development work at AFT._ Davidoff then served as Chief of Staff at AFT for two years before being asked to head up the AFL-CIO's leadership and organizational development initiative. Al and his wife Meggin have four children; Iris, Lucy Rose, Adelaine, and Sam and live in the Washington DC area.