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Andrea is the co-director of the Organization United for Respect (OUR), an innovative national organization of people working in the retail sector. For over 20 years, Andrea has worked

with low wage service and retail workers to win improved pay and working conditions using creative organizing strategies, storytelling, and direct action. From 2011 and 2015, Andrea

was the assistant director of the Making Change at Walmart campaign, where she directed the development of Organization United for Respect including pioneering work developing a model of worker outreach and advocacy through social media. Previously, Andrea worked as the acting director of SEIU’s Property Service Division and as the executive vice president and organizing director of SEIU United Services Workers West (USWW), an organization of property services workers in California that has secured health care and living wages for 40,000 janitors, security officers, higher education, and airport workers. For 11 years, Andrea led organizing for Justice

for Janitors and Airport Workers United campaigns in California, which brought over 10,000 new members into the organization and raised the standard of living for 50,000. Andrea started her

organizing work with the Hotel and Restaurant Worker’s Union (HERE) in Las Vegas, NV working to secure pay increases, retirement plans, and health insurance to casino workers. She lives in Oakland with her son. She has a degree in U.S. History and Women’s Studies from Brown University.