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Aqeela Sherrills

Los Angeles, CA



Aqeela Sherrills is a peace advocate, mediator, and spirit-centered activist based out of the community of Watts in Los Angeles, California. As a witness to the brutality of gang violence, at age 19 Sherrills co-founded the Amer-I-Can Program to heal gang violence around the country. In 1992, Sherrills and his brother, Daude, successfully brought rival gangs, the Bloods and Crips, together to sign a historic peace treaty in Watts, L.A. He and his brother also created the Community Self-Determination Institute in 1999 to tackle the overwhelming personal and social issues that underlie crime, drugs, and violence. Sherrills currently Co-Directs Transformative Change (“XC”), a strategic partnership between two Bay area non-profits whose vision is rooted in co-creating a new paradigm where personal accountability, deep practice and leadership are core principals in a new movement for transformative social change. Sherrills also serves as the Principal of The Reverence Project, Owner/Curator of the Watts Arts Gallery and is the Southern California Outreach Coordinator for California Crime Victims for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

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