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Bill Vandenberg directs U.S. Programs' Special Initiatives and Partnerships Unit for Open Society, leading efforts to respond to advocacy opportunities not addressed elsewhere within the foundation and to deepen strategic partnerships with key allies. In 2013, priorities included fiscal equity and public investment, gun violence prevention, and researching future employment projections for the most marginalized communities. Prior to joining the foundation, Vandenberg was a state-based advocate, serving as executive director for the Colorado Progressive Coalition, the multiracial, membership-based nonprofit that he co-founded. Vandenberg led winning grassroots campaigns to raise the minimum wage, defend affirmative action, increase public investment, confront racial profiling, and expand voter participation. Vandenberg is a Boston College graduate and a former fellow in the Rockwood Leadership Program's national fellowship for transformative nonprofit leadership. He represents the Open Society Foundations on boards for the Funders' Committee on Civic Participation, Latino Civic Engagement Fund, and Youth Engagement Fund.