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Esther R. L”pez is a leading champion of working men and women, immigrants, and all families seeking a better life. Esther began with the UFCW in November 2006 when she was hired as Director of the Civil Rights and Community Action Department. Esther is best known for her leadership on comprehensive immigration reform. She spearheaded the Union Citizenship Action program, to help UCFW members become naturalized and get on the path to citizenship. Esther was the lead staff person on the UFCW Commission on ICE Enforcement that highlighted civil rights abuses in the 2006 raids. Esther helped lead the transformation of the UFCW into a more diverse union, and oversaw the launch of the UFCW's first-ever LGBT constituency group, OUTreach. Prior to her career at the UFCW, Lopez served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Labor, as well as in the governor's cabinet as Director of the Illinois Department of Labor.