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Judith Browne Dianis has an extensive background in civil rights litigation and advocacy in the areas of voting, education, housing, and employment. She has protected the rights of people of color in the midst of some of the greatest civil rights crises of our modern times, including in Florida after the 2000 election and in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Dianis is also a pioneer in the movement to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline in school districts. Dianis has authored groundbreaking reports on the issue including: Opportunities Suspended (2000) and Derailed: The Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track, detailing the unnecessary criminalization of students by their schools. Working closely with grassroots organizations, Advancement Project's work has significantly decreased student suspensions and arrests in Denver, Baltimore and Florida. Additionally, Advancement Project has worked to build and support a growing national movement on this issue. Dianis' commitment to racial equity in public schools carries over to her positions on the Board of FairTest, and she is a founding Convener of the Forum for Education and Democracy.