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Lydia is the executive director of the Power Shift Network, a diverse, national network of youth- led and youth-focused climate justice organizations. Lydia is originally from a working class suburb of Los Angeles County, a first-generation Mexican-American, and attended UCLA where she was involved with student-initiated, student-run social justice service organizations and was a student activist. It was here that she learned the importance and strength of empowered youth. After earning two Bachelors of Arts degrees in Geography/Environmental Studies and Psychology, Lydia wanted to dedicate herself to what she saw as the transcending issue of ourtime: the climate crisis. As a result, she became a community organizer for the Sierra Club in Texas where she led two major Beyond Coal campaigns, working side-by-side farmers and landowners in east Texas. Lydia then spent two years in graduate school and, in 2015, re-joined efforts to change our energy future, halt the acceleration of climate change, and address environmental justice through a powerful youth-led movement at the Power Shift Network.