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Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman

Former Executive Director Sum of Us,
San Fransisco, CA

Taren is founder and former Executive Director of SumOfUs. SumOfUs is a global consumer watchdog that uses digital tools to mobilize consumers, workers and investors so they can hold big corporations to account. Before SumOfUs Taren spent years in the climate movement fighting for strong climate legislation, global agreements, and the labor movement, working for groups like Avaaz.org, the Alliance for Climate Protection, and the AFL-CIO. Taren was thrust into the national spotlight in 2013 when her partner, Aaron Swartz, committed suicide while being prosecuted by the federal government for allegedly trying to publish academic journal articles on the internet. She became a spokesperson for open knowledge as well as for criminal justice reform. Taren was born in Brisbane, Australia, but grew up mostly in Indiana and is currently based in San Francisco.

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