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Wendy Fields-Jacobs is the Executive Director of The Democracy Initiative.  Previously Wende worked with Common Cause, which she joined in 2014 after 17 years at United Automobile Workers. As executive administrative assistant to UAW President Bob King, Wendy Fields-Jacobs served as chief of staff. The first woman to hold this top, non-elected position, her role included formulating policies on organizing, collective bargaining and politics.

She was previously King's top administrative assistant when he led the National Ford and Competitive Shops/Independents, Parts and Suppliers departments as a UAW vice president. Under King's leadership of National Organizing, she helped develop the UAW's strategic program, coordinated regional activities and oversaw training. She joined UAW Local 376 after organizing with co-workers at Northeast Citizen Action Resource Center.

Her experience began in 1987 at New England Healthcare Workers Union District 1199. In 1997, she was appointed adviser to the UAW Connecticut Women's Committee and served as a vice president of the Connecticut AFL-CIO. An activist, she co-chaired the African-American/ Latino Coalition of New London and was on the board of the Women's Center, CLUW.