Rethinking What’s Possible with National People’s Action

Last week, National People’s Action released their report on “Crafting a Long-Term Agenda for Change: A Case History of National People’s Action.” Recently noted by Moyer’s and Company as an Activist to Watch, Executive Director and LIO alum, George Goehl says of the case study:

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Within the report you can read about processes that engaged thousands of NPA members in shaping our strategy of winning the battle of big ideas; build a new set of deep and long-term alliances; and develop our vision of the new economy.

National people’s Action has been integral to many progressive victories from foreclosure to migration reform. The development of this report also:

…led to the crafting of NPA’s Long-Term Agenda for a New Economy, a strategic framework for advancing structural reforms that will lead toward larger structural transformations.

Thank you to NPA and George Goehl for sharing this example of a results-oriented transformative approach to change.

Read, “Crafting a Long-Term Agenda for Change: A Case History of National People’s Action,” and “Long-Term Agenda for a New Economy,” and don’t forget to share!

Idelisse Malave is a Senior Advisor at Social Transformation Project and an independent consultant.

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