Habits of Leaders with Common Sense

We’re all really good at identifying bad habits, but what about some good habits we can pick up?

Recently, Elephant Journal, highlighted (with perfect New-Year-timing) the Top 12 Habits of People with Good Sense. There are a lot of great tips that apply to how we work, and how we conduct our personal lives. We’ll let you take a look for yourself on the personal notes, but here’s some highlights to reinforce habits to lead with!

People with common sense:

Keep Their Promises.
This is so true in our work. Effective leaders and campaigns, keep their promises, and whether they win, or lose, they are constantly building trusting relationships with staff and allies.

Set Boundaries and Know When to Say No.
Setting boundaries, this is something many social change agents have a hard time with. But when you keep this habit, you actually are more likely to keep your promises, maintain a balance of what your organization can and cannot do, thus creating better results for your efforts, and building more trust within your staffs and allies.

Know It’s Ok to Change One’s Mind.
Sticking to what may have worked for your organization or movement in the past doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work in the present, and even less so in the future. Effective leadership is fluid, open to collaboration, flexible, and open minded, having your staff and peers persuade you to try new approaches to your work is a good thing!

Are Committed and Focused.
This is something most of us are extremely successful at. Our work requires an exorbitant amount of commitment and determination, something that seems to be innate to social change leaders. Pat yourself on the back for maintaining this one!

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