Advice About Giving Advice

Do’s and don’ts and best practices for giving advice when coaching and managing.

Are You Suffering from Leader-itis?

A self-diagnostic tool with suggested remedies for this common ailment of top leaders.

Assessment for Organizational Transformation

Key principles, challenges, and best practices in conducting organizational assessments from a transformational perspective.

Client Engagement for Transformational Change

How consultants can create contracts for transformative/systemic work that are most likely to produce the actual results clients are seeking.

Coaching and Power

A brief but important guide to understanding how differences in power impact the coaching process.

Confusion Around Power: a Challenge to Leadership

Have you noticed the widespread ambivalence and confusion around power that exists in both leaders and staff of non-profits? Here are best practices and tips for dealing with these issues of power.

Courageous Conversations 1: A Paradigm Shift

Part of the Courageous Conversations Toolkit: Learn how to have greater ease and success in having authentic, challenging conversations. A series of articles, best practices and tools to develop this most critical skill for leaders and consultants.

Courageous Conversations 2: Do You Need One?

Part of the Courageous Conversations Toolkit: Is a Courageous Conversation the right strategy? This tool helps you determine the benefits and risks in any given situation.

Courageous Conversations 3: How to Prepare

Part of the Courageous Conversations Toolkit: A worksheet and tips for how to prepare for successful Courageous Conversations.

Courageous Conversations 4: Best Practices

Part of the Courageous Conversations Toolkit: What to actually do in challenging conversations. Improve your success rate for Courageous Conversations by studying these best practices.

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