About the 5 special Toolkits – and here they are:

Courageous Conversations Toolkit

Learn how to have greater ease and success in having authentic, challenging conversations. A series of articles, best practices and tools to develop this most critical skill for leaders and consultants. read more ›

Managing Performance Toolkit

A series of articles, best practices and suggestions for managing the performance of individuals and teams. read more ›

Managing Your Triggers Toolkit

How to manage one’s own emotional triggers: a critical competency for all leaders and helpers. Equally important at work and in your intimate relationships. read more ›

Time Management Toolkit

A tool for helping you better manage your time read more ›

Transformational Coaching Toolkit

A series of articles, tools and best practices on a transformational approach to coaching. For consultants, coaches, leaders and managers. read more ›

Visioning Toolkit

A valuable series of articles and best practices for facilitating visioning with teams and organizations. read more ›