Facilitate transformational coaching: tools for leaders, managers, consultants & coaches.

Articles, practices and tools to help leaders, managers, consultants and coaches provide highly impactful, transformational coaching: a practical approach to help people take responsibility for solving their own challenges.

Advice About Giving Advice

Do’s and don’ts and best practices for giving advice when coaching and managing.

Coaching and Power

A brief but important guide to understanding how differences in power impact the coaching process.

Consulting-Coaching Relationship Assessment

A unique and invaluable tool for consultants or coaches to assess the efficacy and strength of their relationship with clients. Provides insights into how to produce greater impact with key clients.

Decision Paths

A quick and easy-to-use intuitive process for getting clear on impending decisions.

Inner Knowing Process

A tool to access your intuition in a more consistent, refined and precise way to meet challenges and guide decisions.

Lifestyle Satisfaction Index

A tool for stepping back and assessing satisfaction with all aspects of one’s life. Helpful for focusing attention on where change is most needed.

Peer Coaching Fundamentals

Guidelines for a successful peer coaching partnership including suggestions for the both the coach and the client, tips for the first session, and best practices to get the most out of peer coaching.

Personal Change Plan

A tool for planning and implementing a significant personal change. For use by individuals or as part of a coaching process.

The Art of Questioning

How to ask powerful questions in coaching and leadership.

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