Provide masterful, transformative facilitation for working groups and teams.

Our largest collection of tools provides leaders and professional facilitators with a great set of practices, processes and tools for masterful facilitation. It includes a checklist for planning meetings, how to establish ground rules, deal with conflict, manage emotions in group settings, facilitate 10-minute stand-up meetings, and much more.

Appreciative Inquiry Process

A process for helping teams and organizations recognize and celebrate their own value. Great exercises for retreats!

Creating Group Alignment

A guide for leaders and consultants in how to create greater alignment in teams.

Creating Team Agreements

A process for teams to create clear rules of engagement to promote accountability and superior results.

Facilitator’s Meeting Checklist

Ensure more successful outcomes for important meetings by using this comprehensive planning checklist. For leaders, consultants and facilitators.

Giving Groups Feedback

A method and tool for preparing and delivering high-quality, effective feedback to a group.

Levels of Commitment

A quick and easy way to test people’s degree of agreement around a course of action.

Managing Emotions: A Guide for Leaders and Consultants

How to deal skillfully with emotions in work teams and organizational life.

Option Evaluation Process

A simple, easy-to-use decision-making tool that helps teams evaluate options.

Ouch and Educate

A tool to help groups, in safe and productive ways, learn how institutionalized social oppression plays out in their own behavior.

Stand-Up Meetings

A great tool from the tech world to help teams stay connected and move work forward in 10-minute meetings that are held standing up.

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