Provide masterful, transformative facilitation for working groups and teams.

Our largest collection of tools provides leaders and professional facilitators with a great set of practices, processes and tools for masterful facilitation. It includes a checklist for planning meetings, how to establish ground rules, deal with conflict, manage emotions in group settings, facilitate 10-minute stand-up meetings, and much more.

Team Feedback Toolkit

A great set of four different tools for facilitating feedback within working groups. Designed to help raise the level of open and honest communication.

The Art of Facilitation

An extensive guide to facilitating successful meetings, this article is filled with great tools, tips, and best practices.

The Master Key

A process for identifying the one critical factor in an individual or organization that can unlock the greatest potential for transformation.

Two Hats Process

A unique and powerful process for facilitating challenging conversations where participants are playing two roles, e.g. running a department + being on a leadership team.

Visioning Toolkit 1: What is Visioning?

Part of the Visioning Toolkit: An overview of visioning: aligning in common cause around a shared mission, an inspiring picture of the future, and set of shared values.

Visioning Toolkit 2: Best Practices

Part of the Visioning Toolkit: Best practices in visioning that apply to almost any situation.

Visioning Toolkit 3: Facilitating Mission

Part of the Visioning Toolkit: How to help teams and organizations articulate and align around a shared mission and purpose.

Visioning Toolkit 4: Facilitating Vision

Part of the Visioning Toolkit: How to facilitate creating a shared vision – the inspiring picture of the future that is the fulfillment of the mission.

Visioning Toolkit 5: Facilitating Values

Part of the Visioning Toolkit: Processes and tips for facilitating values. (An abridged version of the comprehensive “Values Creation Exercise”)

We Stand Process

A process for ensuring that issues of vital concern to one or more group members will be held and honored by the group as a whole.

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