Organizational Transformation

Guide and manage the process of organizational change.

Tools for leaders and consultants alike, including how to use the Wheel of Change to prioritize organizational focus and resources, the qualities of a transformational consultant, and a model for helping people deal with change.

Assessment for Organizational Transformation

Key principles, challenges, and best practices in conducting organizational assessments from a transformational perspective.

Five Box Model

A model for organizational change that outlines the stages people in an organization need to go through to achieve aligned action.

Force Field Analysis

A simple but elegant tool for planning any kind of change. Identifies and strengthens forces that support change, while identifying and mitigating those forces that restrain the desired change.

Partnering with Consultants

A guide for leaders: how to find the right consultants and how to manage them to ensure you get the help you need.

The Master Key

A process for identifying the one critical factor in an individual or organization that can unlock the greatest potential for transformation.

Wheel of Change Executive Overview

An overview of the Wheel of Change model for organizational change at any scope and scale – from smaller, more discrete change projects to renewing or reinventing institutions.

Wheel of Change Planning Template

A great planning tool to bring a transformative, systemic approach to organizational change.