Personal Mastery

Develop the meta-skills that help people operate in their zone of excellence.

This section contains transformative tools to help leaders and consultants act more consistently with greater wisdom and power. It includes invaluable practices such as how to remain centered in the face of challenging situations, how to access intuition in immediate and practical ways and how to develop the capacity to listen more deeply.

Courageous Conversations 1: A Paradigm Shift

Part of the Courageous Conversations Toolkit: Learn how to have greater ease and success in having authentic, challenging conversations. A series of articles, best practices and tools to develop this most critical skill for leaders and consultants.

Courageous Conversations 2: Do You Need One?

Part of the Courageous Conversations Toolkit: Is a Courageous Conversation the right strategy? This tool helps you determine the benefits and risks in any given situation.

Courageous Conversations 3: How to Prepare

Part of the Courageous Conversations Toolkit: A worksheet and tips for how to prepare for successful Courageous Conversations.

Courageous Conversations 4: Best Practices

Part of the Courageous Conversations Toolkit: What to actually do in challenging conversations. Improve your success rate for Courageous Conversations by studying these best practices.

Deep Listening Survey

The ability to listen deeply is a critical competency for leaders, consultants and coaches alike. This simple tool helps assess your skills as a listener.

How to Give Feedback

How to be skillful in delivering feedback to individuals.

How to Receive Feedback

Practices for learning how to receive feedback non-defensively.

Inner Knowing Process

A tool to access your intuition in a more consistent, refined and precise way to meet challenges and guide decisions.

Managing Interruptions

Strategies to increase productivity by curbing interruptions to your workflow.

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