Team Performance

Help work teams create greater accountability and results.

A great collection of tools to help teams work more effectively and deliver greater results. It includes processes like the Fabulous POP Model, the DARCI Accountablity Grid, decision-making tools, and more.

5 Pathways to Effective Decisions

Confusion around decisions is endemic in teams and organizations. This model helps groups create clearer and more effective decision-making processes.

Creating Team Agreements

A process for teams to create clear rules of engagement to promote accountability and superior results.

DARCI Accountability Grid

An invaluable tool for establishing clear accountability in teams and organizations. One of our highest-rated tools.

Levels of Commitment

A quick and easy way to test people’s degree of agreement around a course of action.

Option Evaluation Process

A simple, easy-to-use decision-making tool that helps teams evaluate options.

Stand-Up Meetings

A great tool from the tech world to help teams stay connected and move work forward in 10-minute meetings that are held standing up.

Team Feedback Toolkit

A great set of four different tools for facilitating feedback within working groups. Designed to help raise the level of open and honest communication.

Team Performance Inventory

A self-assessment of 30 key factors in team performance. Helps teams initiate honest discussions of what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve team performance.

The Fabulous POP Model

A simple yet powerful tool for focusing actions on creating results. Everyone should use this tool!

Two Hats Process

A unique and powerful process for facilitating challenging conversations where participants are playing two roles, e.g. running a department + being on a leadership team.

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