Create and align groups and organizations around clear missions, compelling visions for the future, and guiding values.

This section is a complete guide to the visioning process for leaders and consultants. It includes an assessment to determine the need for work on vision and some of the best tools and methods available for empowering teams to come together in designing their future.

Future Travel Exercise

A process for teams and groups to create a detailed and inspiring image of the future they want to co-create.

Magazine Article Exercise

An exercise for groups and teams to create a vivid image of a shared future in a process that generates engagement, creativity and energy. One of the best tools for visioning.

Organizational Vision Assessment

An assessment of the effectiveness of an organization’s existing vision, mission, and values.

The Fabulous POP Model

A simple yet powerful tool for focusing actions on creating results. Everyone should use this tool!

Values Creation Exercise

A comprehensive process for creating and implementing a set of shared values in an organization.

Vision Stands

A powerful leadership development and vision alignment exercise that helps individuals to hone and own their vision of what they intend to create as leaders.

Visioning Toolkit

A valuable series of articles and best practices for facilitating visioning with teams and organizations. read more ›

Visioning Toolkit 1: What is Visioning?

Part of the Visioning Toolkit: An overview of visioning: aligning in common cause around a shared mission, an inspiring picture of the future, and set of shared values.

Visioning Toolkit 2: Best Practices

Part of the Visioning Toolkit: Best practices in visioning that apply to almost any situation.

Visioning Toolkit 3: Facilitating Mission

Part of the Visioning Toolkit: How to help teams and organizations articulate and align around a shared mission and purpose.

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