The Wheel of Change

The Wheel of Change illustrates that to create true and lasting change – transformation – we must work with all three domains of human systems: hearts and minds, behavior, and structures.

Wheel of Change

Hearts & Minds: Our hopes and dreams, thoughts and feelings, what we believe is possible or impossible; the ideas, perceptions and beliefs that shape our experience.

Behavior: What we do and don’t do, our choices and habits, the norms and unspoken agreements by which we interact with others.

Structures: The external systems in which we live and work: the hierarchies, processes, practices and cultures of our organizations, communities and society.

These three domains continually reinforce each other, tending to keep individuals, organizations and society resistant to change. New Year’s resolutions are notoriously difficult to keep up. Over 70% of organizational change efforts fail. For change to succeed, it must attend to the systemic nature of people, institutions and society.

The Wheel of Change is a simple yet profound model for true, systemic change—guiding us to work in an integrated way to shift our inner experience, our actions and external realities—a roadmap for transformation.

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