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Four Problems with Power for Progressive Leaders

Discomfort around power and authority can be a serious challenge for progressive leaders and organizations. I’d like to introduce a practical tool and a framework to help diagnose and solve this common and deep-seated problem.

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Are You Suffering from Leader-itis?

I don’t want to alarm you, but if you’re in a leadership role you are at high risk for a serious ailment—leader-itis.

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Working Together at the Speed of Trust

The recent success of the People’s Climate March is a powerful example of what’s possible when different parts of the progressive movement coordinate. Over 300,000 people from all walks of life marched to demand action on climate change. Many have

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Feedback Tips

Lets face it, whether you’re in the nonprofit, public, or private sectors receiving feedback can be nerve-racking for the lot of us.

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Featured Tool: Creating Team Agreements

A room full of talent can be difficult to manage.

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