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9 Secrets for Truly Productive Meetings

Are your team, board, and coalition meetings dynamic and productive? Or do you sometimes see yourself and others: With attention wandering during meetings Walking out of meetings feeling like it was a waste of time Starting to “vote with their

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The Magic of Appreciation

Would you like those you work with to be more productive? Would you like your intimate relationships to be more harmonious? Would you like to be happier? Luckily there’s one simple practice that can help you to have all this

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Boundaries for Work: A Contract With Yourself

Raquel usually finds herself not present at the dinner table with her partner and children as her mind is flooded with her unfinished to-do list. Pam’s frequent travel for work is a constant source of tension with her partner. Levon

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How to keep your New Year’s resolutions

As you look towards this new year, what do you want to call in for yourself? Are there changes you wish to make in the work you do or the way you do it? How do you feel about your

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Nurturing a Network of Powerful Consultants

The Art of Transformational Consulting is not just a stand-alone professional development opportunity that is complete when the five-day course is over. We just had a clear demonstration that the course itself is only the beginning of a personal and

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