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Three Time Management Tools to Save your Sanity (and one to make you question it)

Do you chronically feel like you’re rushing from one urgent task to another? Does the pressure of your to-do list sap the joy out of what you do? Does the onslaught of daily tasks get in the way of dealing

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Does your team need a tune-up?

Here are some direct quotes from members of senior management teams in organizations ranging from leading corporations to national nonprofits: We don’t say in team meetings what we say to each other in the hallways. The ‘real’ meetings often happen

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Find Freedom in the Art of Delegation

graphic: 11 tips for successful delegation

Do you have difficulty delegating work to others, or feel dissatisfied when you do? Are you drowning in too many things but have trouble trusting others to do the work? Do you feel the need to keep a close eye

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DIY Peer Coaching for Progressive Leaders

It can be lonely at the top. Progressive social change leaders face numerous challenges: dealing with donors, making tough choices around staffing and priorities with limited resources, difficulties with the board, dealing with the relentless pace of campaigns. There are

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5 Tips for Giving Effective Feedback

Giving feedback is one of the most important things a leader does for their team, yet many people shy away from this responsibility. If you don’t love giving feedback, perhaps a little practice and a lesson in doing it well

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